Call for MD/PhD Stipends

The overall goal of the DZIF Academy is to close the gap of multidisciplinary training approaches within infection research in order to master the biological complexities associated with infectious diseases. MDs in particular are encouraged to pursue a career in infection research and contribute to the translation of novel findings from bench to bedside. Reflecting its dedication to training next-generation Clinician Scientists, the DZIF Academy will allocate up to three full-time MD/PhD stipends for two years or six part-time MD/PhD stipends for three years that enable MDs to obtain a Dr. rer. nat./PhD degree at one of the DZIF partner sites.

Who can apply?

  • MDs (Physicians - Ärzte - or Dr. med.) in active patient service
  • Advanced medical students nearing completion of medical studies

Physicians (Ärzte) and advanced medical students without the Dr. med. will be expected to complete their medical doctoral thesis within the first year of their MD/PhD stipend. An approximate date for the Dr. med. defense must be included in the application.

Next Application Deadlines: April 1, 2017 & September 15, 2017

Applicants may choose their host institution, which must be a member of DZIF.  The research program shall be coordinated between the applicant and host institution. The full-time stipend covers a full salary and ensures 100% release from clinical duties for two years. Part-time candidates interested in pursuing specialist training (Facharztausbildung) parallel to their PhD will receive a 50% stipend for three years (with confirmation from clinical head to cover the other 50% of salary) and dedicate their workload respectively: clear documentation of a divide between clinic and research will be required.  

Host laboratories will receive up to 30.000 € total for consumables.  Prolongation is not possible.

Applications must include:

  • Application form
  • Motivation letter including long-term career goals (max. 1 page)
  • Applicant’s CV (including publications and conference presentations)
  • Mentor’s CV & publication record (last 4 years); list of doctoral and/or medical students supervised in the last 5 years incl. publications
  • Validation from medical program director foreseeing the completion of medical studies and/or medical doctoral thesis if not yet obtained
  • Form declaring clinical director´s approval of release: "Bestätigung über Freistellung von der klinischen Tätigkeit"
  • Confirmation from DZIF site coordinator

Please note that candidates must apply to their structured doctoral program of interest independent of the DZIF stipend application. Integration into a structured doctoral program is a pre-requisite for funding. A maximum of 3 applicants per partner site will be allowed. 

Applications will be reviewed based on candidate´s qualifications and quality of the scientific project in relation to the DZIF mission. Applicants can expect an evaluation period of twelve weeks. Please send all application materials as a single PDF document to


For additional information, please contact Cauleen Noël by calling
T +49 89 4140-9297