Call for DZIF Travel Grants for Meetings and Workshops

The DZIF Academy is pleased to announce the availability of DZIF Travel Grants for Schools and Events. The purpose of the travel grant is to allow first or last authors of DZIF-funded projects the opportunity to present their research at national or international scientific events. Presentations may be oral or in poster format.

The DZIF Travel Grant covers the registration fee and/or costs of travel and/or accommodation to a school or conference in thematic relation to the DZIF-funded research project to be presented. Travel grants in the amount of up to 1.000 Euro will be issued for European events and up to 1.500 Euro for intercontinental events.

The DZIF Travel Grant does not cover daily provisions or the additional costs of social events. Because its purpose is to support the presentation of DZIF-funded research beyond the scope of the network, it is not intended for DZIF events, e.g. DZIF schools or annual meetings.

Who can apply?

Strictly first or last authors of a DZIF-funded project. Exceptions will not be considered.

What is required for the application?

Application form
• Confirmation from event organizer (e.g. invitation) for your presentation

Successful candidates will be required to submit a one- to two-paragraph report about their experience following the event to the DZIF Academy. We also ask that you place the DZIF logo on your presentation slides or poster.

Application Deadline:

Applications must be received no later than one month before the start of the event. Please
send your electronic application materials as a single PDF to

Applications will be reviewed based on the authorship of the presenter and the significance
of the event in relation to the project.

For additional information, please contact the DZIF Academy:

T +49 89 4140-9297