Vaccine Development

In search of substances for better vaccines, DZIF scientists investigate the innate immune system© Johann Saba; UKB

Developing vaccines plays an important role at the DZIF. For example, it has been involved in developing an Ebola vaccine which is now undergoing phase III clinical trials. Another research group is focussing on Staphylococci and the major multidrug resistance problems they are causing. The aim here is to develop a vaccine based on human antibodies. The DZIF is also researching new vaccines against malaria and against gastric infections with Helicobacter pylori.

Besides this, so-called adjuvants, agents that enhance antibacterial and antiviral effects, are important for the efficacy of new vaccines. At the DZIF, substances are being researched which enhance innate immune responses and therefore contribute to making more effective vaccines.

The DZIF has established its own infrastructure for accelerating vaccine development in all these projects. It serves as a platform for the DZIF projects and offers:

  • Expertise in adjuvants, vectors and clinical trials
  • Information exchange on vaccine projects within the DZIF
  • Networking with internal and external DZIF partners
  • Market success analysis and patent preparation
  • Negotiations with industrial partners and preparation for out-licensing



Gunther Hartmann, Bonn University Hospital

Marylyn Addo, University Medical Cneter Hamburg-Eppendorf

Gerd Sutter, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München