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  • 28 March 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    Hepatitis B: Cure is the goal


    Worldwide, approximately 260 million people suffer from chronic hepatitis B which is currently incurable. However, there is now a shimmer of hope on the horizon as scientists at the DZIF have developed a therapeutic vaccine which they intend test clinically as soon as possible. Two parties are funding this ambitious mission: the DZIF and the PoC (Proof of Concept) Initiative “Helmholtz-Fraunhofer-Hochschulmedizin”. A total of almost four million euros is flowing into this project. more ]

  • 12 March 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    Disparities in treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis across Europe

    Klinische Infektiologen Ausbildung 115

    Scientists have shown that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis care in Eastern Europe is markedly worse than in Western Europe. more ]

  • 06 March 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    New inhibitor for persistent bacterial biofilms


    Researchers developed a novel small molecule that suppresses the production of hazardous biofilms and is suitable for oral administration. more ]

  • 05 March 2018 - NEWS

    1.5 million euros for malaria research


    Dr Silvia Portugal, Head of a DZIF junior research group, has received 1.5 million euros’ funding from the European Research Council. At the Heidelberg University Hospital, together with an international team of researchers, the scientist will research how the malaria pathogen overcomes the dry season.more ]

  • 02 March 2018 - NEWS

    DZIF team from Tübingen receives Rudolf Schülke Foundation’s Hygiene Prize


    This year, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation awarded its renowned Hygiene Prize worth 15,000 € to a DZIF research team led by Dr Bernhard Krismer, Prof Andreas Peschel and Dr Alexander Zipperer from the Interfaculty Institute for Microbiology and Infection Medicine Tübingen (IMIT), in honour of their excellent work on the new antibiotic agent lugdunin.more ]

  • 01 March 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    How reliable is diagnostic testing for Zika?


    Globally, Brazil has been the hardest hit by the current Zika outbreak. Almost all cases of Zika-associated malformations in newborns have been reported from this country. DZIF scientists from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have shown that molecular diagnostic tests for the Zika virus in Brazil are not always reliable. Almost two thirds of all laboratories showed false-positive or false-negative results.more ]

  • 16 February 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    New process allows tailor-made malaria research


    Model of infection from Tübingen successfully tested in Africa: volunteers are being infected with malaria parasites in a controlled manner - New findings on naturally acquired immunity and resistance to malariamore ]

  • 01 February 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    New antibiotic against the Tsutsugamushi disease pathogen discovered


    Scientists have confirmed that the natural substance Corallopyronin A is highly effective against Tsutsugamushi disease. more ]

  • 17 January 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    Improving pneumonia protection for dialysis patients


    The first joint study to be conducted across all twelve clinical trial units at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) has been initiated. The aim of the study is to improve vaccine protection in dialysis patients. The coordinating Clinical Trial Unit at the University Hospital Cologne has now included the first 15 patients at the Dialysis Center of Kronach. A total of 884 patients across Germany will be included. more ]

  • 16 January 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

    European research team outwits Ebola virus


    Researchers have specifically inhibited Ebola virus replication in a laboratory investigation. A new imaging procedure enables testing of potential drugs. more ]

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