31 January 2017 - PRESS RELEASE

Bartenschlager receives the Hector Science Award

Heidelberg virologist Prof Ralf Bartenschlager has received Science Award of the Hector-Stiftung, worth 150,000 euros.


With this, the Hector Stiftung’s jury honours Bartenschlager’s outstanding achievements in medical fundamental research. Thanks to his work with hepatitis C, over 95 percent of the patients are now curable. Furthermore, together with his team, he has made important contributions to dengue fever research, the world’s most common viral disease.

Bartenschlager conducts research at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University, Heidelberg University Hospital, the German Cancer Research Center, and the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF). He is one of the coordinators of the DZIF research field Hepatitis.

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