Information for companies

Why collaborating with the DZIF could be interesting for you

DZIF researchers develop new therapies, novel diagnostic and preventive measures in numerous projects. The DZIF seeks industrial partners to jointly develop these further through to market maturity. Each partner carries their own risk in these research collaborations, but opportunities for licensing are given. For pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, collaborating with us constitutes a reduction of risks regarding development costs.

Getting products underway

The DZIF seeks to cooperate with industrial partners. If you are interested, please contact the DZIF “Product Developers” directly. They will inform you about possible collaborations.

Product Development

Highest quality standards for trials

At the DZIF, clinical trial centres are organised into “Clinical Trial Units”. Here, active agents can be tested according to highest quality standards. You can access the different centres through a central contact person.

Clinical Trial Units

African Partner Institutions

AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases are especially widespread in parts of Africa. In order to better investigate these diseases, DZIF institutes foster partnerships with research establishments in Africa.

African Partner Institutions

Meet us at conferences and fairs

The DZIF regularly attends the most important infectious disease research conferences. Besides holding presentations and exhibiting posters, DZIF representatives also often have their own exhibition stand. Have a look at our event calendar.

Conferences and fairs

External collaborations

Numerous collaborations with industrial partners as well as with external scientific institutions reinforce the DZIF’s position as a top-class institution in the field of infection research.


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