Information for scientists and doctors

At the DZIF, around 300 scientists and doctors from 35 research establishments work together to translate results from basic research into clinical practice as quickly and effectively as possible. This translational approach is common to all DZIF projects: regardless of whether they involve developing new diagnostics, vaccines or drugs against infectious diseases.

Nine research fields

At the DZIF, scientists work together across nine research fields. Besides dealing with infectious diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and malaria, other issues like antibiotic resistant bacteria and hospital pathogens are also on the agenda.

Research fields

Doctors in infection research

The DZIF offers various opportunities for doctors who are interested in infection research. For instance, doctors can get clinical leave for a year in order to dedicate themselves to research. You can find more information about this in the Academy section.

DZIF Academy


The initial founding years of the DZIF have passed and our researchers have attained numerous results and publications. The list is continuously growing; keep yourself updated.


Job opportunities

Are you looking for new challenges in the field of translational infection research? The DZIF regularly posts new vacancies.