Bioinformatiker bei der Arbeit
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Properly collecting and evaluating huge amounts of data requires the expertise of bioinformaticians.

Bioinformatics plays an extremely important role in medical research. New methods are used to sequence genomes in continuously shorter time, while functional analyses (proteomics, metagenomics) generate huge amounts of data. Properly collecting and evaluating this data requires the expertise of bioinformaticians as well as specialised soft- and hardware.

The infrastructure “Bioinformatics” supports DZIF scientists with evaluating and interpreting their infection research data. This includes developing and providing software and analysis pipelines for the DZIF researchers to use independently as required. Automated and reproducible, complex analyses, such as the genome-based prediction of bacterial phenotypes and resistance mechanisms, can be performed simultaneously for thousands of isolates “at the push of a button”.

The bioinformaticians use seminars and workshops to pass on their knowledge. The need for these training sessions is rising. Scroll down to find the coming workshops.