NoSPREAD: Preventing the spread of multi-drug resistant organisms

Short description

Within "NoSPREAD", a computer-assisted early warning system will be developed and established in hospitals. The system is aimed at the early detection of nosocomial transmissions and outbreaks of bacterial pathogens. It uses microbiological routine data - among others from the DZIF project "R-Net" - as well as modern whole genome sequencing technology. The warning system will enable immediate hospital-hygienic interventions to be initiated, permitting a rapid outbreak control and prevent further spread, especially of highly resistant infectious agents (so-called high-risk clones). Currently, this early detection depends mainly on the attention of microbiologists, hospital epidemiologists or infection control specialists. Following the implementation and improvement of the early warning system at the partner sites in Berlin and Köln, it is now being extended to Freiburg and Lübeck. The aim is to make this early warning system available to all hospitals in Germany.