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Mucosal immunology and microbiome

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The group led by Prof. Julia-Stefanie Frick deals with the interaction of commensal (i.e. peaceful) bacteria, with facultative pathogenic strains and the intestinal microbiome. A second focal point is on the interaction between commensal bacteria and the host as well as on the effects on the intestinal mucosal immune system. Intestinal mucosa and their immune system play an important role in inflammatory bowel disease. Scientists are concentrating their efforts on bacterial and host factors that facilitate the uptake of facultative pathogens, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, across the intestinal wall to induce infection.
The objective is to identify commensal bacterial strains that can be used to treat inflammatory intestinal processes, to characterise their modes of action, and to define new host-target structures for pharmacotherapeutic approaches.

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