Successful collaborations with industry

The DZIF is open to collaborating with industrial partners. It aims at bridging the gaps between the discovery of new treatment approaches, their preclinical development and clinical testing. Advanced projects can be developed successfully with industrial partnerships.

Our industrial partners

BioNTech AG, Mainz

In collaboration with BioNTech and the research institute TRON, the DZIF is conducting research on RNA-based vaccines for selected virus families that are potentially pathogenic to humans, subsequently bringing them into preclinical and early clinical development stages.

Hyglos GmbH, Bernried

Hyglos GmbH and a consortium funded by the DZIF are collaborating to manufacture and preclinically develop phage lytic protein HY-133. They are planning joint early-stage clinical development for nasal decolonisation of Staphylococcus aureus.

Juno Therapeutics GmbH, Göttingen

Juno Therapeutics, formerly Stage Cell Therapeutics, is collaborating and exploitation partner of the research group led by Prof Dirk Busch, Technical University of Munich, working in the field of GMP quality-assured manufacture of central memory T cells for treatment of infections and cancer. The DZIF is funding the group led by Prof Busch.

MMV - Medicines for Malaria Venture, Geneva, Switzerland

An MMV portfolio substance is being clinically tested for chemoprevention of malaria tropica, using a human infection model developed by DZIF colleagues in Tübingen.

Myr GmbH, Burgwedel

Together with the University of Heidelberg, an active agent (Myrcludex B) is being developed that inhibits hepatitis B viruses from penetrating cells, and could potentially be used to prevent hepatitis B and D infections. Myr GmbH is coordinating the entire project and overseeing the clinical trial.

Sanaria Inc., Rockville

At the DZIF partner site Tübingen, scientists are developing a human malaria infection model. Here, the disease is induced under controlled conditions in order to test new active agents and vaccines. Sanaria Inc. in Rockville, USA, produces malaria parasites in GMP quality for immunisation purposes, which fulfil all the criteria for drug approval.

4SC Discovery GmbH, Martinsried

In the DZIF research field “Malaria”, a candidate antimalarial has gone into preclinical development. SC83288 is being tested as an inhibitor in animal models, and is being further developed in close collaboration with the company 4SC, which also produces the active agent.