Clinical Trial Unit

Klinisch-infektiologische Studien nach einheitlichen Qualitätsstandards sind das Ziel.© DZIF/scienceRELATIONS

In 2011, DZIF’s respective sites already had excellent clinical trials units (CTUs), yet their activities were restricted to a narrow spectrum of indications. The CTUs rarely reflected the full range of diseases DZIF is dedicated to. However, the potential weakness of this heterogeneity is counterbalanced by a particular strength of DZIF: Its network combines expertise in all clinical ID indications with direct access to these clinical trials units, albeit to a varying extent at each site.

Thus, the strategic plan for increasing the value of the DZIF clinical trials structure started with the exchange of expertise between sites. A central coordinating office supports a mutual strategy for clinical trial performance at DZIF in accordance with BMBF Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which were developed by the network of Coordinating Centres for Clinical Trials (KKS network) and made publicly available through the Telematik Platform.

The nationwide DZIF platform reduces the cost of conducting clinical trials by mobilizing an unprecedented recruitment potential. With high-level data quality and performance rates, the DZIF clinical trial structure aims to become the preferred partner for academic and industrial clinical trials.


Oliver Cornely,
Universitätsklinikum Köln

Project manager
Angela Steinbach

Vassiliki Dimitriou

Caroline Bruns