Emerging Infections

Immer wieder verursachen bis dato unbekannte Krankheitserreger Epidemien, wie zum Beispiel das Influenza-Virus H5N1, bekannt als Vogelgrippe. Bei solchen Ausbrüchen ist schnelles Handeln gefragt: Der Erreger muss identifiziert und Therapien entwickelt wer© DZIF/scienceRELATIONS

Outbreaks of emerging pathogens appear suddenly and rapid response is crucial to contain the spread of the disease. Actions must be taken both to raise the awareness of the public health sector, and to develop strategies to speed up biomedical research and production of candidate vaccines and therapeutics. The mission of the Thematic Translational Unit Emerging Infections is to establish a research infrastructure that contributes to rapid containment of emerging infections and to mitigate the consequences of such outbreaks for the public. To fulfil this mission,  the Thematic Translational Unit Emerging Infections shall link expert individuals and research groups within three areas covering the entire response chain: Pathogen detection, diagnostics, and clinical management; Emergency vaccines; Broad-range antivirals

The activity of the Thematic Translational Unit Emerging Infections will

  • Improve our ability to rapidly detect unknown pathogens and deploy diagnostics for novel pathogens
  • Link DZIF partner hospitals to develop and agree on standardized treatment plans for emerging disease entities
  • Shorten the time to availability of novel vaccines against emerging infectious agents by developing vaccine platform technology for rapid implementation of novel pathogen

Participating Focus Sites



Hamburg-Lübeck-Borstel- Riems





Interview with Stephan Becker, TTU "Emerging Infections" [in German]

Stephan Becker, Universität Marburg

Christian Drosten, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Ansgar Lohse, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Project manager
Nadine Biedenkopf