Collected data and samples

The Transplant Cohort’s essential feature is the cohort data bank which is managed by the Institute of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology of the university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich.

This databank collects information that gives an indication of a transplant patient’s individual risk of infection. This includes information about medical history, existing infections, the course of the transplant, medication and occurrence of infectious events. For every organ, a choice of specific parameters have been preselected, and take into account the relevant events that may occur in the respective type of transplant.

A further important basis for subsequent studies is collecting biomaterial from transplant patients. Here, only samples from routine procedures, which are no longer needed for further investigations, are collected. The biomaterials are stored in professional biobanks. For this purpose, the Transplant Cohort is working together closely with the DZIF biobanking platform.