The Transplant Cohort’s structure

The Transplant Cohort is a registered non-profit organisation. Its members come from participating transplant centres and scientific establishments. The General Assembly is the Transplant Cohort’s central body, and consists of representatives from the hospitals and research establishments that make important scientific contributions or are in involved in patient recruitment. The General Assembly elects its Executive Board from its body of members. In addition, a scientific steering committee is responsible for reviewing submitted applications for data and sample use. This ensures that the Transplant Cohort’s resources are used for projects in accordance with internal regulations.

Moreover, an external expert panel supports the Scientific Steering Committee in reviewing applications.

The management serves as a point of contact for both participating and interested establishments. Staff are happy to assist with all organisational matters regarding cohort participation, applications for resources, the Cohort’s data bank, as well as with general questions and information. It consists of staff from hospitals, as well as from the fields of epidemiology, informatics, biobanking and administration.

The management provides ethical, data protection and patient consent concepts to interested medical establishments, with which they can apply join the Transplant Cohort through the responsible ethics commissions. In addition, appropriate forms for managing biological samples are provided.