Stipend Applications

Laboratory Rotations

High quality research in infectious diseases requires the combination of classical (protein chemistry, molecular genetics and medical microbiology) and advanced state-of-the-art technologies (imaging methods, proteomics, structural biology, next generation sequencing, RNAi based high throughput approaches, systems biology, bioinformatics etc.).  The DZIF Academy will fund laboratory rotations in order to foster a deeper understanding of these methods and help master targeted applications. 

Call for Laboratory Rotations

Clinical Leave Applications

The overall goal of the DZIF Academy is to close the gap of multidisciplinary training approaches within infection research in order to master the biological complexities associated with infectious diseases. The DZIF Academy will fund up one-year clinical leave stipends for physicians in their clinical training. Stipend recipients from last year’s allocation period may also apply for a one-time six-month extension.  Also, stipend recipients from former years who have not received an extension may apply for a six-month “follow-up” stipend in order to gain part-time or full-time release from duties to publish project results and/or apply for additional grants (e.g. DFG).

Call for Clinical Leave Stipends

MD/PhD Stipend Applications

Reflecting its dedication to training next-generation Clinician Scientists, the DZIF Academy will allocate up to three full-time stipends for two years or six part-time MD/PhD stipends for three years that enable MDs to obtain a PhD degree at one of the DZIF partner sites.

Call for MD/PhD Stipends

Maternity Leave Stipends

To encourage and facilitate the reintegration of women scientists after maternity leave or extended parental leave (Elternzeit), the DZIF Academy offers maternity leave stipends that allow part-time or full-time reintegration of DZIF PIs or employees in DZIF-funded projects.

Call for Maternity Leave Stipends

MD Stipends for medical students

The DZIF Academy supports the overall DZIF objective of attracting young medical students into infection research by granting up to six MD stipends to all DZIF focus sites per year. 

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