Stipends for Women after Maternity Leave

In accordance with its gender balance improvement policy, the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) offers a “maternity leave stipend” in order to support women re-entering the academic work force after maternity or parental leave.

The DZIF Academy aims at fostering the career of young scientists in infection research. A typical breaking-down of women’s careers is due to maternity. To encourage and facilitate the reintegration of women scientists after maternity leave or extended parental leave (Elternzeit), the DZIF Academy offers maternity leave stipends that allow part-time or full-time reintegration of DZIF PIs or employees in DZIF-funded projects.

Who can apply?

All mothers who have recently born a child and are PI or employee in a DZIF-funded project or infrastructure may apply. Applications to the DZIF are invited during parental leave or at the latest three months after the end of maternity or extended parental leave.

Stipends will be limited to a full position for one year or to a half-time position for two years. The stipend will cover 50% of the scientist’s salary and must be matched by an equal contribution by the host institution.


A joint application by the candidate and the host institution is expected including:

  • Applicant’s CV
  • Publication list highlighting DZIF-related projects
  • Short project description (1 page)
  • Statement about applicant’s recent DZIF association, description of the position (E13/14; full-time / part-time, TVÖD/TVL) applied for and applicant’s future DZIF integration plans
  • Validation of maternity leave or extended parental leave (Elternzeit)
  • Confirmation from the director of the applicant’s host institution to cover 50% of the position for the
 complete time period proposed in application 

Applications from eligible individuals are accepted continuously and will be ranked according to their scientific quality and the contribution of respective projects to DZIF activities. Please submit a single PDF document to: 

For additional information, please contact Cauleen Noël:
Phone +49 89 4140-9297