• Federal Health Minister visits University Hospital Cologne

    DZIF scientist Gerd Fätkenheuer (left), Head of Infectiology at the University Hospital Cologne, were at one with the minister Hermann Gröhe: Translational science in infectiology is of prime importance (© University Hospital Cologne)

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  • Between hospital and research

    Christina Zielinski always wanted to become a doctor, but then research got hold of her, or, more precisely, human T cells did. For about a year, the physician and scientist has been a DZIF professor at the TU Munich. Her specialty: immunodiagnostics of infectious diseases.


  • Why the immune system fails to fight HIV

    An international research group has identified a cellular factor of the human cell that is indispensable to the replication of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1).

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  • New antibiotic resistance gene has also been found in Germany

    Researchers discovered a gene in a human isolate, that makes bacteria resistant against last-resort antibiotics. Especially worrying is that the gene is transferable between different bacterial strains.


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  • How does healthy gut flora get into a capsule?

    DZIF scientists at the University Hospital Cologne produce frozen gut flora preparations in capsules. The production protocol is freely accessible for interested colleagues.

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  • 12 May 2016 - PRESS RELEASE

    Zika Virus: optimised tests for reliable diagnosis

    DZIF scientists from the University of Bonn have shown that not all conventional Zika virus molecular diagnostic tests are sufficiently reliable. They developed optimised assays and a control for quantifying viruses in blood and urine. more ]