• Research Focus on Antimicrobial Resistance

    In an article published 2011 in "Science", researchers postulated that sulphide protects bacteria against different antibiotics. However, using a new technique, DZIF scientist Fabian Grein has now shown that such a “universal” resistance mechanism does not exist.

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  • This year's awardees: Marylyn Addo and Volker Lohmann

    The DZIF awards two prizes for excellent translational infection research.

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  • Paradigm shift in tuberculosis treatment

    A large-scale genome analysis of over 10,000 pathogen strains has shown that genome sequencing can improve tuberculosis treatment. Furthermore: the method has the potential to completely replace time-intensive phenotypic resistance testing.

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  • Combination antibody therapy results in long-term viral suppression in HIV infection

    Scientists at the University Hospital Cologne and the German Center for Infection Research, have investigated the impact of combining broadly neutralising antibodies in HIV-infected patients.

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  • A helper with foresight

    Christoph Lange was recently appointed as Medical Director of the Research Center Borstel. From here, he substantially contributes to clinical tuberculosis research in Europe, also monitoring the development and treatment of multidrug-resistant cases. Learn more about his work.



  • 17 January 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

    Zika and Chikungunya Viruses: Diagnostic Pitfalls

    Millions of people have contracted Zika and chikungunya virus infections since the outbreaks that have been striking Latin America since 2013. Particularly Zika-related malformations in newborns warrant reliable diagnostics. DZIF scientists from the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin demonstrate the problems with the currently available diagnostics, particularly for Zika virus detection, and develop combined testing methods that have higher reliability. more ]