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    It is the 21st century and infections are still a major challenge for medicine. What is our recourse as germs become increasingly resistant to antibiotics? What can we do to prevent the spread of a pathogen? The researchers at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) are tackling these and many other issues.

  • Coronaviruses: Getting to a vaccine as fast as possible

    At the German Center for Infection Research, researchers are working intensively to make available a vaccine against the dreaded MERS coronavirus.
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  • Assistant Professors at the DZIF

    Timo Niedermeyer and Leonard Kaysser have a mutual goal: As recently appointed assistant professors at the DZIF they both want to discover new natural agents against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • ICAAC 2014

    The DZIF will be present at the ICAAC, the premier conference on antimicrobial agents and infectious diseases, showcases the latest-breaking science and lectures from top researchers from around the world.
    ICAAC 2014


  • 24 July 2014 - PRESSEMITTEILUNG

    Individual central memory T cells are "multipotent"

    Researchers in Germany and the U.S. have proven for the first time that specific individual cells of the immune system, termed central memory T cells, have all the essential characteristics of adult tissue stem cells. The results, published in the journal Immunity, highlight the therapeutic promise of "stemness" in T cells.more ]

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