• The time to cure hepatitis B is now

    Last year nearly 900 000 people died from the disease. An international consortium of scientists, also from DZIF, is calling for increased investments in HBV cure research and cure preparedness. 

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  • A helper with foresight

    Christoph Lange was recently appointed as Medical Director of the Research Center Borstel. From here, he substantially contributes to clinical tuberculosis research in Europe, also monitoring the development and treatment of multidrug-resistant cases. Learn more about his work.


  • Disparities in treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis across Europe

    Scientists have shown that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis care in Eastern Europe is markedly worse in than in Western Europe.

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  • Doctor and data guru at the DZIF

    Jörg Janne Vehreschild is senior physician at the Department of Internal Medicine in Cologne and on a DZIF professorship where is responsible for HIV research cohorts. Learn more about his work.