• Ralf Bartenschlager receives highest scientific distinction for medicine in the USA

    The Heidelberg virologist Prof Ralf Bartenschlager will receive the Lasker Award in New York for his research on the hepatitis C virus.

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  • Common cold viruses originated in camels—just like MERS

    DZIF scientists at the University Hospital of Bonn have now found the source of “HCoV-229E”, one of the four common cold coronaviruses­—it also originates from camels, just like the dreaded MERS virus.

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  • How are dreaded multidrug-resistant pathogens brought into hospitals?

    DZIF scientists from the University of Cologne investigated this question and discovered that almost ten percent of patients admitted into hospitals already bring these dreaded pathogens along with them from home.

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  • Filarial worm infections double the risk of HIV infection

    Why have HIV and the immunodeficiency syndrome spread so much more in Africa than in other countries around the world? DZIF scientists have now, for the first time, confirmed one reason for this.

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  • The human nose produces a previously unknown antibiotic

    DZIF scientists at th University of Tübingen have discovered that Staphylococcus lugdunensis which colonizes in the human nose produces a previously unknown antibiotic against multiresistant bacteria.

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  • 29 September 2016 - PRESS RELEASE

    Children who keep HIV in check

    Some HIV-infected – and untreated children – who do not develop AIDS, control the virus in a different way from the few infected adults who remain disease-free. Scientists at LMU´s Max von Pettenkofer Institute and colleagues based at the University of Oxford have characterized the immunological responses of a cohort of these so-called non-progressors – HIV-positive and healthy children in South Africa. more ]