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Epstein Barr virus in cells
© CDC/Dr. P. Feorino

Epstein-Barr virus: DZIF and Helmholtz Munich working on a vaccine

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has been known for some time to play a part in a range of diseases. A current US study has now shown a close link between EBV and multiple sclerosis. DZIF scientists at

Spike protein of the Omicron variant
© Markus Hoffmann/DPZ

How resistant is the Omikron variant to current antibodies?

Cell culture studies show SARS-CoV-2 variant Omicron evades antibodies generated after infection and vaccination and is resistant to several therapeutic antibodies. In contrast, antibodies induced

Performing rapid antigen tests in Colombia
© Charité | Edmilson de Oliveira Filho

DZIF experts at Charité support Colombian SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic efforts

Colombia currently houses several million refugees and migrants, of whom 1.8 million are from Venezuela. The success of the country’s pandemic control measures will depend on the careful monitoring of

Prof. Ulrike Protzer (r) at the lab
© Astrid Eckert/ TUM

A medication against Covid-19 in development

Vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been made possible by an unprecedented worldwide collaboration. But medications against Covid-19 have as yet seen only partial success. A Munich research

Ulrike Protzer
© TUM/Astrid Eckert; Hintergrund: cdc

Ulrike Protzer is awarded the DZIF Prize for Translational Infection Research

This year, the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) is honouring the medical scientist and clinical virologist Prof. Ulrike Protzer for her scientific achievements. The prize is endowed with

Together against infections - Together for fairness and transparency in science

The scientists of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) contribute their insights and professional expertise to the debate within society, thus supporting important decision-making processes

© CDC/Meredith Newlove

New group of antibacterial molecules identified

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University, and DZIF scientists at the University of Bonn have identified a new group of molecules that have an antibacterial effect against many antibiotic

© fernando zhiminaicela auf Pixabay

A study on booster vaccination with the MVA-SARS-2-ST vector vaccine is starting at the UKE

Approximately two-thirds of the population in Germany have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus to date. But the immune protection from the vaccine diminishes over time. A booster

Lab-Training in Benin
© Michael Nagel

The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly taking over in West Africa

While the highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant has already become predominant in Germany and in most European nations, little was known about its spread in Africa. German Center for Infection

20 research, medical and pharmaceutical organizations call on G7 to step up action against antibiotic resistance

Ahead of the “World Antimicrobial Awareness Week” (November 18-24) 20 national and international organizations from academia, healthcare, global health and the pharmaceutical industry appealed today