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Ehrendoktorwürde Prof. Urban
© University of Basel/Christian Flierl
Julian Schulze zur Wiesch

German University Medicine Award goes to DZIF scientists at the UKE

A team of researchers from Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Erlangen and Cologne has been awarded the German University Medicine Prize for curing the so-called "Düsseldorf patient", who suffered from leukaemia
DNAMR logo in white on an electron microscope image of pneumococci in the background
© DNAMR und CDC/Meredith Newlove

Call for action by the German Network against Antimicrobial Resistance (DNAMR)

"We are heading towards a crisis with our eyes wide open. Soon we will lack the antibiotics we need to perform vital operations," says Dr Timo Jäger, Managing Director of the German Center for

World AMR Awareness Week from 18 to 24 November: Preventing antimicrobial resistance together

From 18 to 24 November, the “World AMR Awareness Week” (WAAW), a global campaign proclaimed by WHO, aims to draw attention to the near-pandemic rise in infections caused by resistant microbial
Shades of grey portrait of Prof Gerd Sutter
© LMU München

The DZIF mourns the loss of Professor Gerd Sutter

Professor Gerd Sutter has died at the age of 61. His pioneering work on the development of MVA vaccines against measles, MERS-CoV and West Nile virus, among others, had a major impact on modern

Every year on 01 December is the annual:

World AIDS Day

Scientists at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) have been working for many years to gain a better understanding of HIV and AIDS. Their aim is to help those affected and, one day, to defeat the virus once and for all.

The graphic on the right shows a group of people from different cultures. On the left is this year's motto for the World AIDS Day: "Let communities lead".
© United Nations

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