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© Sonja Taut / MPI of Biochemistry
Coronaviren als Bedrohung
© Tumisu auf Pixabay

Will COVID-19 vaccines need to be adapted regularly?

Influenza vaccines need to be evaluated every year to ensure they remain effective against new influenza viruses. Will the same apply to COVID-19 vaccines? In order to gauge whether and to what extent
Christoph Lange
© FZ Borstel

The clock is ticking! Three people dying of tuberculosis every minute

The clock is ticking: The motto of this year's World Tuberculosis Day makes clear that tuberculosis still remains one of the world's deadliest infections. In particular, people in poorer countries are
© Rasche

Hepatitis B: What people can learn from donkeys

The discovery of a previously unknown hepatitis B virus in donkeys and zebras opens up new opportunities for understanding the course of the disease. A global research consortium was able to show that
© fernando zhiminaicela auf Pixabay

New consortium coordinates research on COVID-19 vaccines in Europe

The need for vaccine studies continues to be high, as many questions remain unanswered about the safety, efficacy and possibly necessary adaptation of vaccines to emerging virus variants. In order to

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Image of a microfilaria of the roundworm Loa Loa, taken at 100x magnification.
© Marc Hübner/UK Bonn
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Loa loa

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