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Hepatitis B virions (orange coloured)
© CDC/Dr. Erskine Palmer
Laboratory-synthesized lugdunin
© Universität Tübingen/Sebastian N. Wirtz

Antibiotic Produced by the Microbiome kills Bacteria by Disturbing Energy Metabolism

A research team from the Universities of Tübingen and Göttingen as well as from the German Center for Infection Research has investigated the mode of action of a new class of antibiotics that is
Helicobacter pylori
© HZI/ M. Rohde

Helicobacter pylori: Signs of selection in the stomach

Helicobacter pylori , a globally distributed gastric bacterium, is genetically highly adaptable. The DZIF team of Professor Sebastian Suerbaum at LMU has now characterized its population structure in
Aedes albopictus
© cdc_James Gathany

Early Dengue Virus Infection could “defuse” Zika Virus

The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America has affected over 60 million people up to now. The infection can have potentially fatal consequences for pregnant women and their unborn children: many
© B. Stecher

Gut Microbe helps thwart Salmonella

Salmonella infections can have serious consequences for certain high-risk groups, such as young children, the elderly and individuals whose immune systems are functionally compromised. Most people

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