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A group of ten people are standing outside in front of a building. The background shows a one-storey building with a tin roof and plants.
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UNITE4TB completes recruitment for DECISION trial

UNITE4TB—an international public-private partnership aiming to accelerate the development of innovative tuberculosis treatments—has announced the successful completion of participant recruitment for
A tuning fork is struck in contact with a foot to test sensitivity in the diagnosis of neuropathy.
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New biomarker for predicting side effects of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis therapy

Treatment with Linezolid, an antibiotic that is used against multi-resistant tuberculosis bacteria, leads to adverse drug reactions in around a quarter of patients, including certain nerve disorders
The picture shows the Infektiopod team of three standing in front of a harbour landscape in Hamburg. All three people are smiling at the camera. On the left is Annette Hennigs with a blue sleeveless top, in the centre is Elena Terhalle with curly, shoulder-length hair and a black T-shirt, and on the right is Till Koch with short hair, a blue polo shirt and tattooed arms. In the background you can see cranes and buildings on the waterfront.
© Nils Hedinger

DZIF promotes podcast on infectious diseases

"Infektiopod", a podcast in German language that has been providing information on human infectious diseases since 2019, is now being funded by the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF). The

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