DZIF biobank samples are stored in large nitrogen tanks.© HMGU/A.Kühn

Access to a comprehensive biobanking infrastructure is mandatory for multi-site infectious disease research and its translation into practical application.

The infrastructure "Biobanking" is responsible for highest quality standards of biosample collections within DZIF. Scientists obtain the best quality available for usage in -OMICS applications and biomarker detection. 

Tissue and Liquid Biobanking relevant for DZIF partners:

  • Characterized tissue samples from infected patients and controls (Heidelberg)
  • Liquid biological samples such as serum, plasma, urine, stool and saliva with their clinical data (Munich)

Collection and storage of samples is de-centralized. The Central Biosample Register (ZBR) informs about all collected samples from DZIF projects.

Services and Support

  • Planning of sample retrieval, processing and storage
  • Harmonization and standardization of biosample retrieval
  • Quality management and audit planning and advice
  • Ethical, legal & social issue and consulting
  • Sample transport and storage
  • IT support
  • DZIF Transplant Cohort

More Information - DZIF-Biobanking Website with substantial data of all biobanks and of current projects and of the Central Biosample Register (ZBR).




Peter Schirmacher, Universität Heidelberg

Christian Gieger, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Project manager Munich
Andrea Kühn

Project manager Heidelberg
Benjamin Stottmeier