Pathogen Repository

Collection of pathogens in the Pathogen Repository© DSMZ/Hanno Kessel

The availability of quality-controlled, standardized, and well-documented living microbial cultures and other pathogens is a precondition for successful translational research. The TI Pathogen Repository is located at the DSMZ in Braunschweig and is continually being extended. Particularly in the last one and a half years the number of collected pathogens and producers increased to about 600. The Pathogen Repository maintains bacteria as well as fungi and bacteriophages and provides them to researchers.

A central project is the collection and characterization of key strains from recent outbreaks of nosocomial multi resistant bacteria. Genomes of key bacterial pathogen strains are sequenced and genomic information is provided. Furthermore the Pathogen Repository is going to be extend their collection of strains of specific interest for partner sites. These are for example bacteria and fungi from the microbiome as well as bacteriophages. Training modules for professional handling of pathogens are being developed for DZIF researchers.




Jörg Overmann, Leibniz Institute DSMZ

Projekt manager

Birte Abt

Felizitas Bajerski

Thomas Riedel