Call for Clinical Leave Applications

The overall goal of the DZIF Academy is to close the gap of multidisciplinary training approaches within infection research in order to master the biological complexities associated with infectious diseases. In order to meet this goal, the DZIF Academy will fund up to approximately six 1- or 1,5- year clinical leave stipends per year for physicians in their clinical training.  

The purpose of the program is to offer MDs currently working in direct or indirect patient care the chance to be fully released from clinical duties in order to pursue an experimental or clinical infection research project at one of the DZIF partner laboratories or study sites.  Candidates should plan ahead whether they want to apply for a 12 -month or 18-month stipend.

Stipend recipients from last year’s allocation period may apply for a one-time six-month extension.  Also, former stipendiaries who have not received an extension may apply for a six-month “follow-up” stipend in order to gain part-time or full-time release from duties to publish project results and/or apply for additional grants (e.g. DFG).

Note: Individual funding in conjunction with the Clinical Leave program stipend may not exceed a total of 18 months.

Clinical Leave Stipend: Who can apply?

  • MDs with active patient service for at least two years
  • MDs after board certification (Fachärzte)
  • Not older than 35 years at the submission deadline (maternity and parental leave times will be considered according to the DFG)

Next Application Deadline: Friday, 21 March 2021.

Applicants choose their host institution, which must be a member of one of the DZIF partner sites. The research program shall be coordinated between the applicant and the foreseen host institution, which should preferably take place outside the applicant’s home institution to increase interactions within DZIF. In the exceptional case where a research project would require use of resources within one’s home clinic, 50% of funding can be applied for if 50% of the position is co-funded by the home institution, and full release from the clinical duties must still be granted for the applicant.

The Clinical Leave Stipend covers a full MD salary  and ensures release for one or 1,5 year to carry out a translational research project. The host institution receives 15.000 € p.a. for consumables.  To allow time for evaluation and administrative processing, please note that the earliest possible start date would be 1 September 2021.

Applications for the Clinical Leave Stipend and a six-month extension or “follow-up-“stipend must include:

  • Online application form
  • Motivation letter (one page) & CV
  • Confirmation from your clinical director for full release from patient services (online form)
  • Confirmation from your DZIF site coordinator
  • Letter of support from your advisor / proposed laboratory head 

Applications will be reviewed based on the scientific quality of the project and its contribution to the mission of DZIF. A maximum of three stipends per DZIF focus site per application period will be granted. Please send your application as a single PDF file to