Bacteriophages in Science and Clinical Use

First Strategic DZIF Meeting to promote Translational Research in the Field of Bacteriophages

Antimicrobial resistance rates have dramatically increased among hospitalised patients worldwide and due to limited therapeutic options infections caused by these organisms are frequently associated with high morbidity and mortality. As bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics often remain susceptible to bacteriophage (short: phage) lysis, the use of phages constitutes a promising treatment approach against multi-resistant bacteria and scientific interest in this topic is now rapidly growing.

The DZIF symposium “Bacteriophages in Science and Clinical Use” is planned as a two-day meeting including interactive workshop sessions and aims at connecting German researchers and physicians in order to define a common roadmap for future translational phage research in Germany.

The event language is English.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Dr med. Annika Y. Claßen.

Registration closed on 20.04.

Dr med. Annika Y. Claßen
Dr Li Deng
Dr Christine Rohde
Prof. Dr med. Maria Vehreschild
Dr Johannes Wittmann

Lindner Hotel & Sports Academy
Otto-Fleck-Schneise 8
60528 Frankfurt am Main

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