Bridging communities: Enhancing engagement through language in HIV research

This DZIF workshop addresses the use of appropriate, non-stigmatizing language in scientific communication in HIV research and will take place during the 25th International AIDS Conference in Munich. 

Many communities that have experienced trauma, racism, or lack of compassion and empathic communication in their interactions with medical institutions may be sceptical of scientific evidence and reluctant to engage in health care. In all cases, language is critical.  

The workshop will bring together HIV communities and HIV researchers and aims to strengthen community involvement in DZIF-associated research. This topic will be followed in September by the online workshop "Reducing HIV stigma through appropriate language in scientific communications".

Dr Ulrike Lange

Ulrike Lange, DZIF research area HIV
Community Engagement Team, HOPE Martin Delaney Collaboratory (MDC)
Patricia Defechereux, Gladstone Institutes

Global Village AIDS24 / Messe München
Am Messesee 2
81829 Munich

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