Lunchtime Career Talks - monthly virtual talk series

Monthly virtual talk series for PhD students and Postdocs

You are a PhD student or Postdoc? Get inspired by the Lunchtime Career Talks!

  • What are possible career paths for scientists?
  • Which career suits me?

Meet your role models! How is it to be a....

… Medical Scientist
… Head of Core Facility
… Clinician Scientist
… Scientific Writer
… Scientist in Industry
… Government Ageny Employee
… Science Communicator
… Science Manage

On 07.05.2021 we are welcoming Dr. Nuno Guimarães Camboa with the talk: Being an Academic Scientist in Germany: What motivates me for academic research? Becoming a group leader: boosters for success and potential pitfalls.

Nuno Guimarães Camboa did his PhD at the University of Porto, Portugal, and the University of California, San Diego, USA. He stayed at the University of San
Diego for his postdoctoral research before becoming a research fellow at the Humanitas University in Milan, Italy. In 2018 he received a DZHK Junior Research
Group Grant to establish his research group on cardiovascular regeneration at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.


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