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Prof. Christoph Lange
© FZ Borstel

A helper with foresight

Christoph Lange was recently appointed as Medical Director of the Research Center Borstel. From here, he substantially contributes to clinical tuberculosis research in Europe, also monitoring the

Jörg Janne Vehreschild
© MedizinFotoKöln/Dorothea Hensen

Doctor and data guru at the DZIF

Jörg Janne Vehreschild started his professional career as a programmer. However, he soon decided to pursue his second passion and began his medical studies a year later. Today, at only 39, Vehreschild

Oumou Maiga-Ascofaré

"Good to see both sides"

Oumou Maiga-Ascofaré is currently working as a research fellow at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg and at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine

Between hospital and research

Christina Zielinski always wanted to become a doctor, but then research got hold of her, or, more precisely, human T cells did. Christina Zielinski has been focusing on these major players in the

Michael Hölscher, LMU München

Research career between Munich and Africa

Michael Hölscher has had an interest in Africa from the start, and it has never left him: his career path started in Tanzania over 20 years ago. The research fields HIV and tuberculosis have been on

Drug design: Making sugar molecules aggressive

Breaking down bacterial biofilms in order to lure the pathogens out of hiding is one of chemist Dr Alexander Titz’s goals. The junior research group leader from the Helmholtz Institute for

Günter Fröschl
© Günter Fröschl

“Humanitarian aid is not haphazard work done by over-motivated cowboys”

DZIF infectious disease and tropical medicine specialist Günter Fröschl (42), from Munich, spent two months in Liberia from December last year, to help with the largest Ebola epidemic seen to date.

Mark Brönstrup

When disciplines merge

From chemistry to biology to medicine—during the course of his career, Mark Brönstrup repeatedly crossed the boundaries between these disciplines. So it comes as no surprise that today he is head of

Ulrich Nübel and his sequencer PacBio RSII

AAGGCTC – What genes reveal

For the population geneticist Ulrich Nübel almost everything revolves around gene sequences of bacterial strains. The scientist obtains a lot of information through analysing them: The course of

Leonard Kaysser und Timo Niedermeyer

Two Approaches – One Goal

One of them speaks of “treasures, waiting to be found” while the other focuses on new “compounds”,  but both Timo Niedermeyer and Leonard Kaysser mean the same thing and have a mutual goal: As