International alliances


The French National Research Agency for HIV, viral hepatitis and emerging infectious diseases (ANRS | MIE) is mandated to coordinate research on HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (in particular emerging respiratory infections including COVID-19, viral haemorrhagic fevers and arboviruses) at both national and internal levels. The DZIF and ANRS | MIE collaborate in the areas of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases. The cooperation set out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in November 2023 is an extension of an agreement signed in 2014, which focussed exclusively on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B. 

The new MoU significantly broadens the scope and portfolio of collaborative activities and provides for targeted collaboration in three key areas: I. the DZIF and ANRS | MIE will jointly identify research priorities to improve the understanding of infection and disease mechanisms and develop joint research programmes in priority areas; II. both organisations will jointly participate in scientific events and working groups to promote information exchange and knowledge transfer; III. the collaboration will promote the exchange of information and exploitation of research results within scientific communities and networks.

The joint activities include supporting exchange programmes for young scientists in order to promote collaborative research within Europe. The two parties, DZIF and ANRS | MIE, will also work together to develop joint research projects and seek additional funding opportunities, including at European Commission level.

In addition, the MoU will enable the mutual exchange of expertise by staff and experts from both organisations, which will deepen collaborative efforts. The collaboration will also strengthen advocacy and lobbying activities with regard to key scientific strategies that impact the infectious disease research landscape.

French National Research Agency for HIV, viral hepatitis and emerging infectious diseases (ANRS | MIE)