Prof. Oliver Cornely receives Johann Lucas Schönlein Plaque from the German-speaking Mycological Society

Prof. Oliver Cornely

© Michael Wodak

Prof. Oliver Cornely, infectiologist and coordinator of the DZIF Clinical Trial Unit at the University Hospital Cologne, has been awarded the Johann Lucas Schönlein Plaque by the German-speaking Mycological Society.

The plaque is named after the physician Johann Lukas Schönlein (1793-1864), who in 1839 was the first to identify the causative agent of a chronic inflammatory skin disease as a fungus, thus paving the way for medical mycology. As one of the highest awards in the German-speaking field of mycology, the Johann-Lucas-Schönlein-Plakette has been awarded since 1981 to physicians who have rendered outstanding services to medical mycology.

Prof. Cornely heads the European Excellence Center for Invasive Fungal Infections at the University Hospital Cologne and—as coordinator of the DZIF Clinical Trial Unit—the newly established pan-European research network VACCELERATE. In the context of pandemic preparedness, the network aims to link all European stakeholders involved in vaccine development in order to create a pan-European platform for planning and conducting clinical trials.

Prof. Cornely received the plaque during the 56th Scientific Meeting of the German-speaking Mycological Society in Vienna on September 13, 2022.

Source: News release (in German) of the University Hospital Cologne