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Fermentation, down-stream processing, compound production, storage and distribution

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Professor Marc Stadler’s research group examines cultures of rare types of fungi and bacteria, predominantly from tropical regions, for their potential to develop new antibiotic substances. Thanks to international partnerships, these substances are isolated, identified and subsequently transferred to the DZIF’s Natural Compound Library. They are therefore made available to all DZIF partners for investigations on whether they can be used as suitable lead compounds for developing novel anti-infectives. In addition, the research group focuses on developing sustainable pilot-scale procedures for the manufacture and preparation of natural compounds. They are consequently made available for multi-gram-scale preclinical optimisation and can subsequently also be transferred for industrial scale processing. The team is currently working on a project involving cystobactamides, a completely new class of agents for combating gram-negative hospital pathogens. They are being developed in collaboration with Rolf Müller, Mark Brönstrup (HZI) and Andreas Kirschning (Leibniz University Hannover).

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