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Dr. Ute Klarmann-Schulz’s research group’s objective is to support the transition of new anti-infective agent candidates from preclinical into clinical phases of development, and to ensure that the first clinical trials run as smoothly as possible. In the field of preclinical development, the junior research group is involved in advancing corallopyronin A (CorA), a promising anti-infective candidate for use in infections with members of the filarial worm group, and others. If left untreated, infections with these worms can cause lymphoedema resulting in a condition called elephantiasis with extreme swelling of the legs and sometimes of the arms. They are also responsible for the occurrence of so-called river blindness. In the field of clinical development, this group organises, conducts and evaluates clinical trials on filarial worms. Four clinical trials are currently being conducted in Ghana, Tanzania and Cameroon (two further trials are being planned), to confirm or improve treatment approaches using anti-infectives or to test new drug combinations and doses for the treatment of filarial worms.

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