DZIF promotes podcast on infectious diseases

The "Infektiopod" podcast is created by researchers and clinicians

The Infektiopod team in Hamburg (from left to right): Dr Annette Hennigs, Dr Elena Terhalle and Dr Till Koch.

© Nils Hedinger

"Infektiopod", a podcast in German language that has been providing information on human infectious diseases since 2019, is now being funded by the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF). The three-person team consisting of initiator Dr Till Koch, Dr Annette Hennigs and Dr Elena Terhalle discuss specific diseases and current research findings in each episode, with experts often joining in. The aim is to make medical knowledge understandable and to arouse interest in infectious diseases. The financial support enables further professionalisation of the podcast, which was previously run on a voluntary basis.

Science communication is an important building block in making complex topics accessible to the general public and thus increasing knowledge and awareness in society. Global health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic show us how important it is to provide—or have access to—sound information.

Since its launch in January 2019, the "Infektiopod" podcast has focused on various infectious human diseases. Initially, each episode was dedicated to a specific pathogen, like rabies or Ebola. Since 2020, the content has been expanded to include the latest developments and findings, such as new vaccines or therapeutic approaches. The topics are discussed with experts in the field in a relaxed but highly informative manner. The podcast is aimed at anyone interested in infectious diseases.

Hamburg-based physician and DZIF-funded researcher Dr Till Koch launched the podcast in early 2019. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, his main motivation was to raise interest in infectious diseases. The aim was always to create exciting content for both medically interested laypeople and experts. The podcast continued to evolve during the pandemic, with Hamburg-based doctors and infectiologists Annette Hennigs and Elena Terhalle joining the team. The content now includes more discussion of the latest research findings. In addition, the podcast always tries to convey how science works, for example how evidence is generated by formulating and testing hypotheses.

The podcast team puts a lot of heart and soul into the voluntary organisation. The "Infektiopod" has been funded by the DZIF since June 2024. This financial support enables the team to further expand the podcast. The DZIF thus recognises the valuable work of the "Infektiopod" and sets an example for the importance of science communication in the field of infectious diseases.


Enjoy listening (the podcast is in German):