23rd meeting on signal transduction

The DZIF research area "Gastrointestinal Infections" and the coordinating scientists will be responsible for organizing the workshop "Infection and Cancer" as DZIF workshop at the STS (Signal Transduction Society) Meeting.

The annual STS meeting attracts around 150 scientists from a variety of fields, especially Immunology, Tumor Biology, Infection and Pharmacology (www.sigtrans.de). In contrast to the meetings of the specific scientific societies, the STS aims at promoting scientific crosstalk across different fields of research with the common underlying theme signal transduction. Therefore, the meeting workshops are more diverse and cover aspects of "Infection and Inflammation", "Tumor Biology”, “G Protein Signalling”, “Cytokines and Growths Factors”, “Cell Death”, and “Immunology”. German scientific societies like the DGfI, GBM and DGZ have been supporting the meeting by sponsoring a keynote speaker right from the beginning. Other societies like the DGHM (FG Infection Immunology) or the DGP joined more recently. Each workshop is introduced by one or two renowned keynote speakers and followed by talks selected from the submitted abstracts.

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Leonardo Hotel Weimar
Belvederer Allee 25
99425 Weimar

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