Associated partners

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The Charité Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine is one of six partners in the DZIF network “Multidrug-resistant Bacteria” (MDRO Network: R-Net). This network is focusing on investigating the epidemiology of multidrug-resistant bacteria, bloodstream infections and Clostridium-difficile infections over a period of four years. In 2017, 500 patients were examined at the Charité. Moreover, the hospital is involved in a project to support hygiene management in hospitals.

The research group “Virus Detection and Preparedness” is an integral infrastructural component of the DZIF research field “Emerging Infections”, based at the Charité Institute of Virology (Campus Charité Mitte). The group, led by Professor Christian Drosten, is responsible for identifying newly emerging viruses and developing diagnostic tests for both novel and epidemic pathogens. The group also coordinates the DZIF’s project programmes in this important field of research. They collaborate closely with the Robert Koch Institute.

Professor Christine Goffinet’s research group “Innate Immunity and Viral Evasion” is also based at the Institute of Virology. At the DZIF research field “HIV”, this group characterises mechanisms of cell-intrinsic immunity and HIV-1 mediated antagonising strategies. The research group “Virus Epidemiology, led by Prof Jan Felix Drexler, coordinates projects on Zika outbreaks in Latin America at several DZIF partner sites and collaborates closely with the research field Hepatitis to research novel hepatitis viruses from animal reservoirs.