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Clinical Tuberculosis Centre

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The Clinical Tuberculosis Centre provides the expertise and infrastructure for the optimisation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) as well as for translating research results into clinical practice. The main objectives of the Clinical Tuberculosis Centre include coordinating clinical research activities involving the DZIF TB cohort. This cohort includes patients with antibiotic-sensitive TB and multidrug-resistant TB. The Clinical Tuberculosis Centre also coordinates projects at the Eastern European Study Site in Bucharest. The centre’s medical staff are involved in developing guidelines and also provide over 1,000 documented telephone consultations per year for colleague physicians via the TBinfo telephone. The DZIF hosts a course, namely: “Clinical Tuberculosis for Hospital, Practice-Based and Public Health Institution Staff” run by the Clinical Tuberculosis Centre in Borstel each year.

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The TBinfo telephone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specialists are also available for consultations online to discuss individual and efficient M/XDR-TB treatment regimens. Both services are there to provide clinical expert advice to doctors and staff from public health institutions and are free of charge.

TBinfo: +49 4537 188 0


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