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Contact person

Prof. Dr. Stephan Urban

Heidelberg University
Deputy Coordinator Hepatitis
DZIF Professor "Translational Virology"
Partner Site Speaker Heidelberg
Research areas

The research areas Hepatitis, Infections of the Immunocompromised Host and Tuberculosis are co-managed from Heidelberg. Furthermore, Heidelberg scientists coordinate the DZIF-wide Biobanking unit—since 2021 part of the DZIF infrastructure Bioresources, Biodata and Digital Health—with a focus on tissue banking. In addition to participating in the DZIF Clinical Trial Unit with a “First-In-Human (FIH)” unit for early clinical trials, Heidelberg researchers are working on combating malaria, developing antiviral therapy concepts for viral emerging infectious diseases, controlling HIV, as well healthcare-associated and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and developing imaging methods to visualise infections in systems of varying complexity.