Novel Antibiotics

Preclinical Development

DZIF scientists have already brought several new agents into preclinical development. Examples are corallopyronin A for worm infections and aminochelocardins for urinary tract infection.

The path starting from the discovery of a potential active agent to the development of an effective drug is long. Efficacy and safety must be confirmed through numerous preclinical and clinical trials. DZIF scientists are already working on a number of projects involving novel agent candidates that are either already undergoing or about to undergo preclinical testing. Examples of such candidates are corallopyronin A for worm infections and amidochelocardins for urinary tract infections.

From Petri Dish to the Living Organism

The DZIF is collaborating with industrial partners in order to develop the natural substance corallopyronin A. Its efficacy against the filarial worm group was confirmed in as early as 2009. If left untreated, infections from these worms lead to elephantiasis, a condition in which different parts of the body undergo extreme swelling and result in considerable strain. Following successful efficacy testing, the substance is now undergoing preclinical testing in animal models. Alongside this, new manufacturing and purification protocols are being devised and the substance yield in the production process is being further optimised.

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